No, seriously…that’s what symbols (@#$%&) that represent profanities or cursing are called, Grawlixes!

In fact, I found a whole article that gives the origin of them and, my personal favorite tidbit, tells you how to curse in a British accent!!! For reference, it’s @#£%&

Until recently when I needed them for an article, I never thought these things even had names. This got me down a rabbit hole of internet searching for similar terms and I learned all sorts of interesting tidbits this weekend.

The wiggly lines alongside an image to add motion lines or “flavor” in a comic strip, those are called Agitrons

When you use an icon to represent heat in an image, those are called Indotherms

When you want to indicate someone is shocked or surprised, you often put lines around their head. Those are called Emantas and if that specific character starts to sweat because he/she is stressed or working too hard, the flying droplets you draw out of his head are called Plewds.

Here are some other neat ones provided by a blog post on

I’m really not sure any of this helps me with writing or anything at all for that matter, but I at least have a few extra tools in my belt for a drunken trivia night with friends in case these come up.

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