When you and your team come up with a new idea, the euphoria and excitement is intoxicating. That initial joy helps fuel a sudden burst by everyone to start brainstorming, developing, and working on the project immediately. Those are the fun time in early product development.

However, with most products, that jet fuel of excitement can only last so long and many reach a point where momentum is all lost. Usually, at this point founders start blaming all sorts of other reasons for the lack of energy: passion, budget, priorities, timing, etc.. but the truth is that many times its none of those at all. I once heard a quote that although I don’t remember who said it, has stuck with me and my product teams from that day forward.

When a project needs momentum most, the only thing that can save it is momentum. — Unknown

Simple…yet powerful.

The thing is, momentum is the easiest thing to create and it does not take a huge marketing budget, a code ninja, or a viral video to make it happen. In a few easy steps, you can get momentum moving and energize yourself, and your team, on the path to a successful product launch.

  1. Quit trying to pick the perfect name and just buy any domain name that is close. Trust me, at this stage of your product, the name of the domain is not very important. Eventually, if your project makes it, you will have all sorts of time (and a true marketing budget/team) to help you pick the perfect name for mass consumption. Remember, let’s not forget that in 1996, Google was called BackRub and 2 years earlier, what we now know as Yahoo was called Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web.
  2. Use one of the dozen lead page starter sites out there and create a lead page for your new product to encourage people to sign up. On that page, add a countdown for a short time period to launch. I usually recommend 60 days but that really depends on your product. Either way, pick a date and publish your lead page with your new domain. At Gulf Coast Solutions we use leadpages.net currently but others will work as well.,
  3. Share that lead page link to 3 complete strangers and to 3 friends. This will help you stay accountable to that date. Telling people you know that you plan on doing something has an incredible effect on the likelihood that you see your plan through. Posting it to 3 strangers gets you started with the social media campaign of your project and although it’s a small step, these first few steps are important.
  4. Do a fear setting exercise. Fear setting is a great exercise that I was first introduced to by Tim Ferriss during one of his Ted Talks. I have since used that not only for myself, but have helped my son use this to help his music journey. With fear setting, you create a checklist to help you define, prevent, and repair any potential obstacles that may come up. Tim even has created a free checklist for his tool which I highly recommend if you have never tried this before.