This poem came the next morning after a night where my son proceeded to make sure I understood how much more he knew than me on the ’70s, music, technology, and just life in general.

My son knows everything

My son knows everything, I mean
he is already the wise old age of thirteen.
Through his five struggling mustache hairs I have seen
the wisdom to which I can always lean.

He knows all about being online.
After all, it’s been since he was nine
which is way more than the 3 decades of mine.
It’s not his fault I’m way behind!

He’s got music playing in his soul
and knows the spirit of true rock-n-roll.
In four years he’s listened to the whole, 
and feels the hurt of the grassy knoll.

The thought of others can leave me aghast, 
but not him, not when you know his past.  
His social circle more than make up the perfect cast
to see all the viewpoints of the mass.

Kipling, Dante, Frost, Socrates –
who needs to hear ancient words like these?
He’s got twitch on right now so please;
Who cares about the forest when you see the trees?

At forty, I am more confused than ever
and live my life in trial and error.
Constantly seeking out to be better
and finding new and different flaws to measure.

Lucky for me I have a guide – 
to be with me on my journey, always on my side.
Helping me see clearly both far and wide –
all from the back of the roller coaster ride.

If only I at thirteen could have known
how much of the world I had already been shown.
Think about all the time I’ve blown
Learning and living without my phone.